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Bloodman101's News

Posted by Bloodman101 - June 16th, 2009


Please give me CC. :)

"I am getting a hang of flash, Ive only had it for about a month and animated with it only a few times, This is my 2nd submission (Technically, Lol) and I put a lot of effort into this.

The aim is to have simple dots and lines fight each other, I suppose. I tried to do something a bit simple than stick figures and stuff, since I am still learning.

This was inspired by all the 'Line' submissions, such as Frame 1-4 and Teh Dot."

Posted by Bloodman101 - June 9th, 2009

I started making some newgrounds skins for garrysmod, the below are just my personal ones. For instance one has my name on it.

They come in two sets, one tshirt has Bloodman101 and BM101 sprayed on their backs and the NG logo on their legs.

The other comes with Texts such as : OMGWTFBBQ, OH HAI, and My name. Lulz.

I'll make a good public one later (W/O names, etc.), if you have any ideas submit them here.

There is more text and shit on the front but newgrounds limits to one picture.

Newgrounds makes it's way to GMOD.

Posted by Bloodman101 - June 5th, 2009

Come on, seriously, no one's heard of this Aussie show?
It pwns Brit shows I can tell you that.

Posted by Bloodman101 - May 31st, 2009

They're big and they're cheesy.

Anyone watch Fat Pizza? (Aussie show)

Posted by Bloodman101 - May 23rd, 2009

In my state, and 3 infected around my area.
Fuuuck. :(

Posted by Bloodman101 - May 1st, 2009

Friends list:
Bloodman101 - Because I luff him. Wub Wub. <3

Moi - By request of Matt2k8.

Hacseevvvv - Because he's awesome.

CorkaiFIDDYTRWO. - Used to be a Member of the MCC, the only thing that keeps us in touch is the Copy/Pasta advertisements of his new flashes. <|:\

SuprararaAddictarr - A good leader, runs the MCC and is addicted to Supras, hence the name. <3

MattTWOKEIGHTOMG - Lulz Internet friend. Like's that Mangenma Mag shit. Lol. Joking. <3.

Ninjar-W/O-Teh-Sight - AGMC fwend. Interwebs Buddy, Internet friend, etc. <3

THECHAINSAWMURDERARRRFIDDYTREEE. - Good friend, Talk to him alot on the interwebs, makes awesome sigs. <3

Krizarh - Doesn't like me using Dance eJay as an Audio Program. :3.
Good friend, Makes some good flash animations. (Erm.. well only 2 submissions in total.) <3

More to come when I can be bothered.

By the way, does anyone play BF: Heroes?

Posted by Bloodman101 - April 26th, 2009

Coming soon..

Posted by Bloodman101 - April 10th, 2009


Posted by Bloodman101 - April 3rd, 2009

Made by yours truly. ;)

Posted by Bloodman101 - April 1st, 2009

China is blocking all flashes that have a "17+" rating.

But we can still post pictures of violence!

CHINA > Flashes.. Pictures of violence > China.