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Good job.

Some of the animations were a bit choppy, also got a question, why didnt you voice act it yourself?

Anyway, good luck with the collabs.

Makeshift responds:

Thanks, and I didn't voice act myself because your ears would bleed

oh god

I love THIS

ButtplugClock responds:

l jkhjlkl;


Brilliant, I love your style of animating!
Two nights? Wow thats pretty good, I mean, No choppiness and great detail.
Good work, and thanks for the laugh. ;-)

Kieran-s responds:

Yeah, i focused more on speed then effort in this animation, lol. Thats probably why most of the drawings look retarted but oh well. Thanks :D.

Turned out great!

I loved how it turned out!
Hope we get to do another collab.

Matt2k8 responds:

Yep and we will! :D


Great music choices,
good animation,
a bit of the walking loops and background loops (The hoverboard/moving mountains scene for example.) didn't really loop well.

The story was pretty good also.
You did good.

I made the score go to 3.49.. Somebody vote a 5 and give his friend a milkshake!

Great work, Krizy.

Krizy responds:

hey bloodman :D Thank you!


Not too bad, the effects were kinda good, but I reckon the intro where you mention the name of the flash and your previous flashes lasted a while, and the text 'swaying' around was a bit too boring.

It had great humour and good sounds.
The actor introductions cutting into the speech were a bit dull, maybe next time you should include some sort of humourous picture of the actor next to the name, so we have something to look at.

Sorry if the review's too short or crap itself, but I suck at writing them. ;)

Fro responds:

The review is awesome actually. The text was my problem. I messed it up, and didn't have the knowledge to fix it properly so it had to do for the time.

Next time it won't be that poor.

The actors next to their names is what should have been done. I really like that idea.

Thanks for the review.


Definitely better than the last, with all the cameos ( That's how you spell it, right?! D:) and all.

Your bro has a very imaginative mind and I'm glad he enjoyed my audio, or atleast you did. lol!

Good job, Ryan ( and Matt. )

You did great, Thanks for mentioning me in the credits too, whenever you need music you can request something from me, if you like.

The music was the best part, lol jokes!

Matt2k8 responds:

Woot, Thanks man. I was gonna ask at the end of your audio could you make it fade out instead of instanely stopping but it still came out good.

Thanks alot.

Har, Har, Haar....

It's not bad, something a common 9-10 Year old would laugh at it.
The song is keeping the animation alive, Ive seen you do alot better, so I guess you've improved from now, I was going to rate it 6 for the effort, but since your my friend... :3

8/10 for efforts and improvments.
+1 Star for frieeendship. :3 Lmao!

Matt2k8 responds:

I made this ages ago but thanks :DDD

Haha, Great!

Oh well, it wasn't bad its great you used buttons and such for a change, and music was pretty good..


Dialogue needs to move by faster and make it more easy to understand for some users.
It all looked like Ms Paint, it needs more animation.
Needs to be smoother and not so choppy, thats the reason why Me and Matt and some other members wanted you to practise and show us on Spamtheweb, the more you make, the better you get.
Work on your drawings a bit too. ;)
Ended too quickly for a prologue.

Strong Points:
Good storyline.
Music that matches the scene.
Original storyline.

Great story and music, maybe next time add something to the sticks that are unique like clothes or scars.

Also, I forgot to mention that you put greater effort into the Menu, And the extras was a nice addon!
7/10 for the effort! :)

Hope you reply and make more. lol.

Traid333 responds:

Thanks so much for this review. I will work harder. I am currently working on my Madness series: Madness X.


Great! Haha, Can't wait for a sequel.

Loved the "did you see it?" Parts, and then the bit when the ghost (co-incidence?) ran across the screen and done a couple of skits...

I also love the way "The Ghost" Died... Couple of desperate girl scouts... lol!!

Humour: 9/10
Quality and Length: 10/10
Effort: 9/10

Sweet movie, and I hope to see more!

Fro responds:

As for a sequel I don't know if that's going to happen, but perhaps. The thing that I really want to make is a prequel.

Lol, this movie is sort of ironic now.

Thanks for the review.

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