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Great idea! loved the fighting scenes at nettlebrand " its a cartoon, no need to be realistic" and you got the loading screen from mario and luigi superstar saga! lol!

the text was a BIT hard to read.. but anywayz awesomness

chunkycheese12 responds:

thanks for the great review! oh and i made the preloader myself. didn'y know it was from superstar saga! got the sprites from it though.


this is so awesome, really good funny , but the animation could be worked on, but i can't animate as good as you.. !! ^^ yourve deserved a ten !! ^^

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RyanTime2 responds:

thanks! I really loved this animation tho.. thansk for teh ten!

I love this song!

its really cool... ive reccomened it for collection but i don't think it'll get in. =|
really good it could be better.. but you already have entertained me, so its really good! ( sorry if doesnt make sence.)

____sorry if responding to review ___

Uhm, ElipsecDevil ( this is related also to masterguys comment) but most of the lucky7crew and me live in different timezones than masterguy-1243 so, i only vote or look at this flash when it already passed judgment..


anyway back to review good job, can't wait for future productions!

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masterguy-1243 responds:

Thanks. But we talked it over, and it was a mistake. So were cool now:3

its reall good

Im a very generous person and this is good!!! L7C rocks!! long Live L7C for its good flashes and amusing.. stuff...

if this is another collab cool thing... can i be randomly collab as of i.. BAGZ!!!
its really good..

____sorry if im responding to review ____

thanks and bernie buddy you just downvoted the score... idiot, don't just say why you wernt in the authours list you could of pm'ed dp36 and not have downvoted the score... and thats not even a review just asking that without any negative points and good points and improvments on the flash

DP responds:

Well i pm-ed him and asked him to be in my p-buddies so we could ad him, and he said no. Well thanks for the review.

it was so funny

!!! awesomeness !!! i lolled aww man the final one? :( well nice.. and VEERY random..

can i be collabed? ill send you p-buddies

DP responds:

Your in my p-buddies! Thanks for the reviews.


awesome i love this stuff..LOL time travel then windows media nackround ROFL:

Bstuk2 responds:

That was a windows media background? I just went to google and typed in "portal". Thanks for reveiwing!

Hey viper!!

Guess what? I love this movie!!

and I hate it when i give out a ten coz there are no improvements... none at all.. so sorry for the short review but it WAS worth it. =P

RSQViper responds:

Awesome. I don't mind short reviews. Just leaving a review lets me know how you felt as an individual.

Maybe sometime we can feel each other...

...as individuals.

hint hint

its alright..

pretty good but why do you make some flashes that say eps1.. and then the other eps.. have never been created like your madness ones!

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masterguy-1243 responds:

Episode 2 i'm still making, and I'm not going to finish the Madness one any time soon, because I have others to make. Thanks for the review though:)


its alright but way to fast couldnt see what was going on..


its alright but it went RLY fast.. and are you Mguys alt?

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